Hens love roosters, geese love ganders, Montreal Canadiens goalie Peter Budaj LOVES Ned Flanders!

As a hockey playing kid growing up 10 minutes north of Boston, I was naturally a huge Bruins fan. I even had a poster of Seabass Neely, Adam Oates and Ray Bourque on my wall right next to my Lil Penny decal (with apologies to Slam Dunk Champion Dee Brown and three point hero Dana Barros, these were dark times for my beloved Celitcs). However with several lockouts and as the league expanded more and more (oh, ok there’s a team in Columbus now?) I slowly stopped watching the NHL. With that being said in many ways I’m a dull, simple minded individual, and all it would take to bring me back fervently would be to ohhh I don’t know toss a classic Simpsons character on the goalie’s helmet. Ironically, the despised rivals of the Bruins currently have a goalie who did just that!

212 Days…

This week isn’t even over and already today marks the 212th day until the official start of the 2014 NFL season.  Pardon my French when I say WHAT in the FUCK am I going to do with my Sundays now?! Also, ironically enough it marks the beginning of Richard Shermans long winded shit talking tirade.  Is it me or does the media just not have anything else to cover? Shouldn’t we be discussing the turmoil of the Affordable Care Act? The upcoming debacle of the Sochi Winter Olympics? I guess we’ll just have to endure the nations divide on whether or not he’s a classless thug all summer long and no doubt well into the 2014 season.  HOORAY for loud mouth STANFORD GRADUATES that just so happen to be the best corner in the league!!! I hope in this off season when he’s in his bathroom staring at himself flexing in the mirror wearing his big bad Superbowl ring, Jesus will ascend from the heavens and miraculously take away his ability to speak like a fucking moron.  Trust me, this is the only way I’ll be able to endure watching ESPN, and I’m pretty sure the majority are with me on this.  Yeah Yeah Yeah I get it, he makes the “game” interesting, but one can only take so much Richard Sherman coverage before they want to blow their fucking brains out.  Better yet, I think the world should be wondering where in the hell Joe Namath acquired that fur coat.  OR perhaps what marketing team at T-Mobile thought making an entire commercial of Tim Tebow was acceptable? Sureee Timmy, “Contracts hold you back…..”212 days

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