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HBO to Release Game of Thrones Themed Mixtape



This Friday, HBO plans to release a ten-track mixtape featuring some of the biggest names in hip hop (Common, Big Boi, Wale) rapping about characters and themes from their smash hit fantasy drama. Lucinda Martinez, HBO’s senior vice president for multicultural marketing, admitted that the promotional team at HBO got the idea after noticing that a number of very popular musicians, especially from the hip-hop world, often displayed their love for the show on Twitter and other social media outlets. In other words, at its core this is a cheap publicity stunt to try and reach a more “urban” audience. Or, they could have possibly stumbled across this harrowing video of a disenfranchised young man and panicked:


Of course all of this is ignoring the fact that George R.R. Martin hates all of his loyal fans equally, regardless of race, gender, sexual preference, eye color THE MAN JUST WANTS TO MAKE YOU SUFFER.


Game of Thrones and rap music are obviously two of my favorite things in the world, which doesn’t necessarily mean that they ever need to be combined (like Fluff and pulled pork). However, if handled properly this could actually turn out surprisingly well:

However, whereas Dominik Omega is clearly a huge fan of the series, some of the artists involved in this mixtape aren’t (Common is only through Season 2, Wale isn’t even a fan of the show, etc.) which tempers my expectations of the project quite a bit. Also, I don’t know who “Jamaican-born dancehall-rap artist, ‘Magazeen'”, is but quite frankly I find the fact that Joffrey is his favorite character to be a just a tad disturbing.  That should be some sort of criteria to weed out sociopaths.

If nothing else, this provides fans an opportunity to compare rappers to characters from the show (“DRAKE IS JORAH MORMONT!”) which is always fun: