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Random Simpsons Screencap of the Day


Wild Accusation Number 2: if this fella turns out to be the Yellow King…let’s just say it could have devastating ramifications that extend far beyond just the Bayou. Many have theorized that the cover up that Cohle is investigating reaches up to some extremely wealthy and powerful people…well, you’d be hard pressed to find somebody more powerful or wealthy than the biggest man in the world who happens to be covered in 14 karat gold.

Then again, maybe as show writer and creator Nic Pizzolatto keeps reiterating, all of the necessary clues have been right in front of the viewer’s faces the entire time and all of this wild speculation has just a giant waste of time…


Maybe like Lenny focusing on Homer’s “new haircut” and ignoring the fact that he’s THE BIGGEST MAN IN THE WORLD AND COVERED IN GOLD, we’ve been unable to see the forest through the trees. LOOK CLOSER, LENNY!