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Simpsons Screencap(s) of the Day 2/25/14

This past Saturday I was driving around thinking to myself “my, what a beautiful day it is today” when I promptly hit a pothole that absolutely destroyed my tire. And people wonder why I’m a pessimist. It didn’t just give me a flat, it DESTROYED my tire. It was a literally (figuratively) a bloodbath. This winter has been brutal in the Northeast and, of course, Atlanta (NEVER FORGET THE LIGHT DUSTING OF 2014) which has left the streets rife with potholes. So now I’m forced to study every street like the Tax Master when all I really wanna do is belt out Katy Perry and Juicy J while remaining totally oblivious to my surroundings. Oh, right here’s two famous “Simpsons” pothole gags. STAY TRIPPY MANEEEE.


Woo-hoo, look at that pavement fly!

That’s pretty much what the street that I busted my Nissan on looked like. Lotta folks haulin pianos on the roofs of their cars round my way…luckily I haven’t seen any popcorn trucks: