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Random Simpsons Screencap of the Day 3/20/17

bobby sherman

Marge Simpson: Oh, honey, I know how you feel. When I was a girl, I had a crush on Bobby Sherman…

[Lisa bursts out laughing]

Marge Simpson: [annoyed] The point is, I want you to stop making these calls!

Lisa Simpson: [serious] All right, Mom. I promise you, you will never be billed for another call.

[giggling uncontrollably]

Lisa Simpson: Bobby Sherman?

Marge Simpson: Mmm…

Oh my God, you guys, the world may have gone to shit since our sweet innocent 2014 days but now we have Frinkiac! That changes everything! Well, y’know except the fact that we’re almost certainly going to die horrible, horrible deaths because the GOP won’t relinquish control of Congress even if it comes out tomorrow that Donald Trump brought the nuclear codes with him to Mar-a-Lago so that his microwave couldn’t steal them but…Frinkiac! This makes the possibilities of of Simpsons screencap and .gif sites that are much better than dank urine soaked hell hole virtually endless!

Random Simpsons Screencap of the Day 11/12/14

With today’s historic news that the European Space Agency robot probe Philae successfully landed on a comet after a 6.4 billion kilometre journey that lasted nearly a decade it got me thinking what shocking news NASA could possibly release to top the news of this monumental achievement.

Maybe they should finally tell us the big secret, that all the chimps we sent into space came back super intelligent.


“No, I don’t think we’ll be telling them that!”

Edit: According to the most recent reports, Philae has not in fact successfully landed on the comet as the probe has not been secured and all contaommunication with the device has been lost. As usual, I’ve been had.

Random Simpsons Screencap of the Day 08/27/14


No. I’ve already planned our vacation for this year. We’re going to the Highway 9 Bird Sanctuary. I understand they’ve installed a new bird feeder this year. It’s shaped like a diner! And it’s on this really tall pole.


The Simpsons Marathon was just thing to inspire me to get back into updating this little blog of ours. In fact, that’s the only thing it inspired me to do as I now have 111 episodes pushing my DVR to it’s limits and I spent the entirety of Seasons 4 and 5 (except for basic human necessities…lousy sleep) forging an ass groove on my couch. FXX should just move it’s comedies like It’s Always Sunny back to FX and keep the marathon running full-time. Even though I have several of the DVD’s, there’s something oddly comforting about waking up and knowing that “Homer Goes to College” is airing on TV. 

Lego Releases New Set of 16 Simpsons Collectables



I feel like Smithers when a new Malibu Stacy is released right now. I WANT IT I WANT IT GIMME GIMME GIMME! The set includes Itchy, Scratchy, Krusty, Nelson, Milhouse, Lisa, Marge, Homer, Apu, Bart, Chief Wiggum, Mr. Burns, Ralph Wiggum, Maggie, Grandpa and Ned Flanders. While some most of the accessories don’t come as a surprise (i.e. Lisa’s Sax) and I don’t quite know why Nelson would have a baseball bat, some of them are particularly inspired: Ralph’s “I Choo-Choo-Choose You” Valentine, Grandpa’s copy of the “Old Man Yells at Cloud” newspaper, Maggie’s bear Bobo and Milhouse’s issue of “Biclops”. Hopefully this is just the first set, because I would love to have my very own personal Lego Lionel Hutz.

Random Simpsons Screencap of the Day 3/14/14


Principal Skinner: Now I… I finally have time to do what I’ve always wanted: write the great American novel. Mine is about a futuristic amusement park where dinosaurs are brought to life through advanced cloning techniques. I call it “Billy and the Cloneasaurus.”

Apu: Oh, you have got to be kidding sir. First you think of an idea that has already been done. Then you give it a title that nobody could possibly like. Didn’t you think this through…
[fade to later]
Apu: … it was on the bestseller list for eighteen months! Every magazine cover had…
… one of the most popular movies of all time, sir! What were you thinking?
I mean, thank you, come again.