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Throwback Thursday 2/20/14

Notorious B.I.G. – Notorious Thugs (feat Bone Thugs N Harmony)

OH MY GOD YES. Biggie ran with Bone’s machine gun flow and ANNIHILATED IT. Such versatility and breath control for a large man, God rest his soul. Also, for all you kids out there saying things like SWAG SWAG DRAKE IS THE BEST RAPPER EVARRR CUZ HE’S JUST SO REAL, you guys need to immediately get familiar with BTNH. This past week I’ve seen disturbing comments regarding legends (“Outkast is that pop group that sang ‘Hey Ya’ like ten years ago, right?”, “Who’s Pharrell?”) and quite frankly it blows my mind. Not only is the whole group criminally slept on, and seemingly forgotten by time but Krayzie Bone is one of the best rappers of all time (OF ALL TIME, KANYE!) Also if you like weed and you like rap (or even if you like just weed or just rap) and you’ve never listened to East 1999 Eternal: listen to East 1999 Eternal from start to finish, preferably with noise cancelling headphones. NOW! I’ll wait…*checks watch and immediately gives up*