Random Simpsons Screencap of the Day 3/20/17

bobby sherman

Marge Simpson: Oh, honey, I know how you feel. When I was a girl, I had a crush on Bobby Sherman…

[Lisa bursts out laughing]

Marge Simpson: [annoyed] The point is, I want you to stop making these calls!

Lisa Simpson: [serious] All right, Mom. I promise you, you will never be billed for another call.

[giggling uncontrollably]

Lisa Simpson: Bobby Sherman?

Marge Simpson: Mmm…

Oh my God, you guys, the world may have gone to shit since our sweet innocent 2014 days but now we have Frinkiac! That changes everything! Well, y’know except the fact that we’re almost certainly going to die horrible, horrible deaths because the GOP won’t relinquish control of Congress even if it comes out tomorrow that Donald Trump brought the nuclear codes with him to Mar-a-Lago so that his microwave couldn’t steal them but…Frinkiac! This makes the possibilities of of Simpsons screencap and .gif sites that are much better than dank urine soaked hell hole virtually endless!

Song of the Day 3/20/17

And we are back! Because as evidenced by the fact that I’m posting on a blog that I have not updated since 2014 (at 3:43 A.M.!) I am desperate for something to do while I am holed up in this Godforsaken house going stir crazy. So what better lucrative hobby to invest m time in than to add to this completely directionless site of the jumbled interests that result from the misfiring synapses in my brain which include amongst other things, music.

Hey, speaking of musicĀ Process by Sampha is still easily the best album that I’ve heard this year. This dude deserves to blow up huge so put away that god damn Sam Smith already and…oh shit wait, that’s no good! I swear I’m not still stuck in 2014! I mean put away that uhhh Ed Sheeran! Yes that’ll do. Because as Hayes and Kulap so aptly put it on the most recentĀ episode of Who Charted? (See I get podcasts now. I’m hip, I’m with it. I’m quoting Austin Powers. Oh fuck!) “Shape of You” is a baby song. And not like in a “making babies music” way but as as in literally the instrumental and melody is something a God damn literal baby would create. Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, Sampha! He is the Brit who deserves your attention so shower him with listens, all ten of you who visit this defunct site. Who are you and what random Simpsons reference brought you here?